RISE UP - Copper Cuff

RISE UP - Copper Cuff


A mantra bracelet for your next Journey...

A handmade Copper cuff bracelet stamped with RISE UP.  The Cuff is made of 100% 18 gauge copper, hand sawed by me from a large sheet of copper.

***No copper blanks were harmed in making this cuff.  Because of this lovely detail, cuffs can be cut to any size.***  


Cuff is approximately 6 1/2" with a 1" opening.  It is almost 3/8" across. It can be slightly adjusted to suit the wearer.  Please note that bending it forcefully will weaken the metal.  

<<<<Copper Cuffs can be CUSTOMIZED!>>>> 

Each piece is made with love, by my hands, using traditional metalsmithy techniques, under the strong sunshine skies of the Gypsy Coast.

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